First Aid Stress Tool (FAST) — Handout Sheet

IMPORTANT - The following is not intended as a replacement for consultation, diagnosis or treatment. Always consult with your healthcare professional before using this procedure.

Step A:

Place one of your wrists (palm up) into your other hand. Using three fingers of your bottom hand, gently contact the 3 pulse points that are located on the "thumb" side of the palm-up wrist.


Note: Your three fingers should be lined up next to each other so you're touching the three Acupuncture pulse points on your left wrist or the three pulse points on your right wrist.

Step B:

Place the palm-up hand across your forehead and take several slow, deep breaths while concentrating on any "feelings" of distress.

Then change hands and repeat this step with the 3 pulse points on your other wrist.

FAST is designed to help you handle stressful situations better, and you can repeat it as often as needed. If your stress symptoms persist, immediately advise your practitioner.


Step C:

Take 9-12 sprays of NET Remedies #9 ER 911 and #24 Day & Night Vitals (three times a day is generally recommended) to support your body as you continue processing. In all cases, it is best you check with your healthcare practitioner for dosage and frequency. The NET Remedies formulas are available through licensed healthcare practitioners.


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An Explanation of the First Aid Stress Tool (FAST)

FAST (First Aid Stress Tool) is something people can do for themselves to help relieve symptoms that are associated with mind/body stress. The stressful events we face today are often subconsciously reminding us of old stressful events that have happened to us in the past, and this can cause a recurring stress pattern. This kind of stress pattern is called a conditioned response.

FAST comes from a more comprehensive technique called NET, which is used by licensed healthcare practitioners to find the deeper relationship of a stress pattern. Both NET and FAST are focused on eliminating specific conditioned response patterns so people don't have to keep experiencing a continual reaction to similar circumstances.

In the acupuncture system, organs are associated with different elements (Fire, Wood, Water, Metal and Earth), and these elements are associated with many different emotional responses —

With FAST, the person uses one hand to touch 3 of the wrist pulse points (which represent the organ meridians and cover many of the emotional responses) and then places the other hand on the forehead to cover the 2 points related to stress (located halfway between the pupil and hairline).

While touching these acupuncture points the patient takes a few deep breaths and thinks about his/her stressful circumstance and, most importantly, deeply feels the uncomfortable stress associated with the situation.

Then the person changes hands and does the same thing using the opposite 3 wrist pulse points. After a few more deep breaths, the stress-related 'charge' will typically be significantly reduced.

To support the FAST process, take 9-12 sprays of NET Remedies #9 and #24 (3 times a day, for 2 weeks). In a way, FAST is much like removing a painful thorn — the thorn is gone, but the wound still needs to heal. This is where the remedies offer ongoing support. The NET Remedies products are safe for all ages, and they are compatible with vitamins, supplements, herbs and medicines (including prescription drugs).

If you would like a consultation with a licensed healthcare practitioner concerning your stress condition, visit the website to find a nearby NET Practitioner.